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Nominate Your Favorites for the 2011 Environmental Hall of Fame/Shame

Each year, this site takes a poll to find those most deserving to receive recognition in the Environmental Hall of Fame and the Environmental Hall of Shame. Nominations are now open for those who have most affected the environment by words or action. With the ongoing  debate about environmental regulations, a number of possible nominees should be easy to find.  Please send your nominations  for the Environmental Hall of Fame and for the  Hall of  Shame by e-mail through the “Contact” link.  You also may place your nomination in the comment section ,  but if it includes a link, the spam blocker may catch it. If you wish, you may  include a short reason that your nominee should be chosen and suggest a suitable gift if they win. 

For example, Congressman John Sullivan might be nominated in the Hall of Shame category for introducing a bill in Congress that would require the EPA to do a cost-benefit analysis on for every rule it makes. His legislation would create a huge amount of paperwork for the EPA and would make its job impossible to do, which seems to be his goal. A suitable gift might be a large piggy bank in which to keep the donations that action has earned him. Or, Congressman Frank Lucas may be nominated in the Hall of Fame category for acknowledging that climate change might affect our food supply. A suitable gift might be a crystal ball, so that he can show other members of the Congress what the future might look like if we do not act to mitigate climate change.

Nominations will be taken until January 31st, 2012. The nominees will then be  listed  and this site will conduct a poll in February to determine the winner in each category.   The  2011 year’s winner in the Environmental Hall Fame category will receive the “Most Noble Prize in Environmental Science” and a  suitable gift. The winner in the Hall of  Shame category will receive the “Ignoble Prize”and a gift also.  Past years winners and their gifts were:

                      Hall of Fame    –    Gift                                             

2010        RealClimate.org  – A recommendation from this site. ( Priceless)  

2009        Benno Hansen,  ThinkAboutIt Blogger – A Subscription to Science News.           

                      Hall of Shame    

2010         Koch Brothers – A petition to the Wizard of Oz for a social conscience.

2009         SpaceGuy,  Newsvine Blogger – The movie Wall-E, his view of the future of Earth.

You may suggest a suitable prize for your nominee. Please be imaginative, as particularly thoughtful or humorous  nominations will  be recognized and published on this site.

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