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Environmental Hall of Fame Awards 2009 – 2017

Hall of Fame Winners – Award

2017  The US Military –  for adapting renewable energy to its bases and for pointing out that global warming causes global instability. Their gift is having political leaders who respect their research.

2016  Dr. Katharine Hayhoe  –  an evangelical Christian and a persuasive spokesperson for action on global warming.  Award: An appreciation of climate science by conservatives.

2015        Bill Nye the science guy, and Neil deGrasse Tyson for their efforts at educating the       public.  Prize : A prime time TV show together.

2014       Pope Francis  – for his Protect Creation efforts. – A strong agreement from the Paris climate conference.

2013       Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org – Many new members so subscribe to his is weekly newsletter .

2012       President Barack Obama – A little coöperation from Congress, so please write your Representatives.

2011        James Hansen – A massive presence at the 2012 Citizen’s Climate Lobby 

2010        RealClimate.org  – A recommendation from this site. ( Priceless)

2009       Benno Hansen,  ThinkAboutIt Blogger – A Subscription to Science News.