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Poll: Vote for the 2010 Hall of Fame/Shame Candidates

Please vote for the nominee  you think has most affected the environment through word or deed. The 2010 winners in the in the Environmental Hall of Fame poll will receive the “Most Noble Prize in Environmental Science” and a suitable gift. The winner in the Environmental Hall of Shame category will receive the “Ignoble Prize in Environmental Science” and also a mostly suitable gift. The poll will close on February 15th.

If you wish, please post a reason for your vote and a suggestion for a suitable gift for your favorite candidate. Some great gifts have already been proposed and they will be mentioned when the winners are announced. The author will buy the gifts from his copious blogging  earnings so please don’t worry about the expense.

Hall of Shame Nominees:

> Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Head of NOAA – For her role in the Gulf oil spill, being in bed with the oil companies she was to regulate, and damage to the fishing industry.

>Tony Hayward, ex-chairman of BP – For decisions leading up to the oil spill and for saying, “I want my life back.”

>China – For surpassing the U.S as the number one country in pollution emissions.

>The Koch Brothers, owners of Koch Oil – For slowing progress on a sound energy policy by funding climate change deniers.

Hall of Fame Nominees:

> China – For making real efforts to develop alternate energy sources.

> RealClimate.org – For providing facts to counter the propaganda by climate change deniers.

> Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger – For helping defeat Proposition 23, an effort to gut California’s environmental laws and heavily funded by Texas oilmen.

>Senator John Kerry – For his efforts to usher a Cap-and -Trade bill through the U.S. Senate.

Vote below. Please do not click “Vote” until you have picked a candidate from each category. Pick one Hall of  Shame candidate – then scroll down, using the little microphone symbol, and pick a Hall of Fame candidate. Then click “Vote” to register your choices.

Poll is closed. See winners at http://jcmooreonline.com/2011/02/24/the-2010-environmental-hall-of-fameshame-winners/.

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