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The Climate Change Denial Machine

The Climate Change Denial Machine is a multi-million-dollar machine designed to produce only one thing, doubt.

Every major scientific society in the world has adopted a statement like that of the American Chemical Society which says,” Careful and comprehensive scientific assessments have clearly demonstrated that the Earth’s  climate system is changing rapidly in response to growing atmospheric burdens of greenhouse gases and absorbing  aerosol particles. There is very little room for doubt that observed climate trends are due to human activities. The threats are serious and action is urgently needed to mitigate the risks of climate change.” A recent CNN poll found that 97% of scientists who are actively engaged in research in climate science agree that man’s activities are the main causes of global warming. In spite of the strong consensus among the scientists and the warning by all of our major science societies that urgent action is needed, little effective action has been taken.

Why hasn’t  action been taken?  The main cause of climate change is most certainly the 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide man is putting into the into the air each year by burning fossil fuels. If man is a major cause, then surely it should be possible for us to do something about it. But we haven’t. Perhaps it’s because the effects of climate change on the Earth have been subtle. Scientific research shows the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing, the temperature of the Earth is rising, the oceans are becoming more acidic, glaciers and polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, the probability of severe weather events is increasing, food supplies are threatened, and weather-related natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more costly. But couldn’t those things be from natural causes? Couldn’t the scientists be wrong? Couldn’t it be too costly?

If your is answer “yes” to the above  or similar questions, then you probably have been influenced by propaganda created by the Climate Change Denial Machine. The Climate Change Denial Machine was patterned after the Tobacco Propaganda Machine and uses many of the same organizations and tactics. Almost  50 years after the Surgeon General announced that smoking had serious health consequences leading to premature death, many people still smoke, showing the effectiveness of the propaganda. The  Climate Change Denial Machine is much better funded,  supports a far greater number of science Skeptics and politicians, and has the Internet to widely disseminate its propaganda. While smoking only affected the smoker and those around them, climate change, if  left unaddressed,  will have serious consequences for everyone and everything on the Earth.

The workings of the  Climate Change Denial Machine have been explained in an article written by  Riley Dunlap and Aaron McCright, and their excellent diagram is shown below. It was published in Chapter 10 in the Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society, edited by John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaard, David Schlosberg. It shows how money and misinformation flows from climate Skeptics and fossil fuel companies and is disseminated to the public. There is a link below the diagram to Chapter 10 of the Handbook if you would like to read the article .


 During the 112th Congress, fossil fuel companies donated over $32 million to our  Congressional representatives. You may  find out if your Senator or Congressman was the beneficiary of their gnerosity at this website which tracks the flow of the money.

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  1. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    I think that in Oklahoma that the Chambers of Commerce are a hinderance to developing the Green economy…Muskogee has a coal plant that rains black particulate material over the boats docked there, besides the deaths from asthmas, cardiac disease…inatead of promoting Green ideas the Chamber calls for “branding” Muskogee “Warrior City” based on a study that costs thousands of dollars(done by an out of state outfit).

  2. Pabitra Mukhopadhyay Says:

    Since I follow your website, I know that you have almost debunked the Climate Change Denial propaganda by your reasoned approach and citation of peer researched evidence. I say ‘almost’ because it appears to me such denial cannot be removed from societies on account of psychological and social reasons linked with ‘profit-before-people’ economic systems followed by us.
    Climate Change or Anthropic Global Warming makes us stand face to face with our greed and selfish aspirations of luxury at the cost of plunder and exploitation of common resource pool of earth. It makes us question the whole paradigm of ‘win the competition’ and ‘winner takes all’ views of life on which the denial machine works. In short it challenges human integrity and courage to admit mistake and take the route of sacrifice and austerity.
    The Climate Change Denial machine works because such challenges can be accepted by very few.

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