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Nominate Your Candidates for the 2014 Environmental Hall of Fame/Shame Awards

It is important that we keep in mind those who have most affected the environment by words or action.  Each year, this site Earthrise2takes a poll to find those most deserving to be in the Environmental Hall of Fame and the Environmental Hall of Shame. Please send  your nominations  for  each category by e-mail through the “Contact” link or put it in the comment section . If you would, please include a short reason that your nominee should be chosen and suggest a suitable gift if they win.

Nominations will be taken until January 31st, 2015. The nominees will then be  listed  and this site will conduct a poll to determine the winner in each category.   You may suggest a suitable prize for your nominee. Please be imaginative, as particularly thoughtful or humorous  nominations will  be recognized and published on this site

Past years winners and their awards were:

Hall of Fame Winners – Award

2013       Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org – Many new members so subscribe to his is weekly newsletter .

2012       President Barack Obama – A little coöperation from Congress, so please write your Representatives.

2011        James Hansen – A massive presence at the 2012 Citizen’s Climate Lobby 

2010        RealClimate.org  – A recommendation from this site. ( Priceless)

2009       Benno Hansen,  ThinkAboutIt Blogger – A Subscription to Science News.

Hall of Shame 

2013      The Koch Bothers -A boycott of their products: less money, less lobbying.

2012       Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund – An IRS investigation of their of their tax-exempt status.

2011        Halliburton (Cheney) –  A big glass of water from a well next to a hydrofracking operation.

2010        Koch Brothers – A petition to the Wizard of Oz for  the grant of a social conscience.

2009       SpaceGuy,  Newsvine Blogger – The movie Wall-E,  representing his view of the future of Earth.


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  1. Joe Bush Says:

    I nominate Pope Francis for Hall of Fame for his Protect Creation efforts, or the people at Interfaith Power and Light..

    Senator Jim Inhofe gets my vote for Hall of Shame for his allegation that the air is clean. An alternate for the Hall of Shame could include The Nature Conservancy or the Osage Nation for their extraordinary efforts to maintain pollution in Oklahoma.

  2. J.C. Moore Says:

    Thanks. The Pope certainly deserves a lot of credit. And Inhofe too, but in the Shame category. If you haven’t run across it, there is a review of his “Hoax” book at http://jcmooreonline.com/2012/03/20/the-greatest-hoax-by-sen-james-inhofe/

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