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Poll: Vote for the 2014 Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame Candidates

Thanks  to those of you who entered nominations. The four top candidates have been selected from Moonthose nominated by readers. Please help select the winner by voting for the nominee who you think has most affected the environment for good or ill.  If you will, please post a reason for your vote and a suggestion for other suitable gifts for your favorite candidate. Some great gifts have already been proposed. The author will buy the gifts from his blogging earnings, so please don’t worry about the expense. Voting will  close and the winners announced on March 7, 2015.

Please  put your choice as a comment or take the poll at this site.

Hall of Fame Nominees

1.  John Holdren –  a lauded theoretical physicist who is President Obama’s science adviser. He has been a strong influence on the Administration’s science policy and has been quite effective in shutting down Congressmen who deny the human influence on climate.

Prize : Election defeats  for all Congressmen who exclaim, “I’m not a scientist, but…” .

2.  Physicist John Cook for creating the Skeptical Science site in 2007 which conveniently catalogues all paid denier memes/propaganda and the scientific responses to them. He has posted a large number of articles and videos explaining the facts of climate science.

Suggested Prize: a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

3. Boyen Slat – a 19 year old Dutch student/ inventor and founder and CEO of The OCEANCLEANUP . He developed a method for removing much of the 30 million tons of plastic entering the oceans annually, convincing 70 scientist to help, producing a 530 page feasibility study, and raising over 2 million dollars to start the project.

Prize : a ban on disposing of plastic bottles in waterways.

4. Pope Francis – for his Protect Creation efforts. He is preparing a comprehensive Vatican teachings on climate change, which will urge 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide to take action. He  also plans to convene a summit of the world’s main religions in hopes of bolstering next year’s crucial U.N. climate meeting in Paris.

Hoped for Reward: A strong agreement from the climate conference.


Hall of Shame Nominees

1. Senator James Inhofe who claims “climate change is the biggest hoax in history”. He has compared the United States Environmental Protection Agency to a Gestapo bureaucracy, EPA Administrator Carol Browner to Tokyo Rose, and now he’s chairman of the Senate Science Committee.

Award:  a path for the KXL pipeline through his backyard.

2.  Freedom Industries and its ex-CEO  Gary Southern  – for contaminating the drinking water for 300,000 West Virginians. They have been charged with multiple violation of the Clean Water Act related to polluting West Virginia’s Elk River, including a massive chemical spill this past January that saw 10,000 gallons of a coal-cleaning chemical called crude MCHM dumped into the river.

Award: A prison cell with drinking water from the Elk River.

3. Dr. Richard S. Lindzen  – Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute who  described the recent U.S. Senate climate vote as a bizarre and ludicrous “attempt to hijack science for political purposes”. The Cato Institute is a part of the Climate Change Denial Machine, and the “focus his work is on the interaction between climate science and policymakers”. Once a fine scientist, denial for political purposes is now Dr. Lindzen’s job and he knows enough to sound impressive as he disputes accepted science.

Prize: a trophy engraved “Outstanding Climate Science Hypocrite Award”.

4. Tony Abbot – Australian Prime Minister who led the repeal of the carbon tax, even though Australia is one of the world’s largest polluters per capita and is facing serious changes to climate and weather systems as a result of global warming. The Guardian described it as “an act of gross moral negligence to the future prosperity of this country and future generations.”

Suggested Award: ??


Nominations were taken and votes will be taken from four sites. The  poll will close on March 7, 2015.

Please  put your choice as a comment or take the poll at this site.




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