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Environmental Hall of Shame Winners 2009 – 2017

Hall of Shame Winners – Awards

2017  President Donald Trump – for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement and for opening up public lands for exploitation by fossil fuel companies. Gift: A chance to rejoin the Paris  Agreement.

2016     The  Palm Oil industry  –  for burning of millions of acres of tropical rain forests and for human rights violations. Award : A boycott of all conflict palm oil products.

2015      Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan for allowing the lead poisoning of Flint Michigan children . Award: A lead pipe connecting his office to the Flint River.

2014       Freedom Industries and ex-CEO Gary Southern  – A prison cell with drinking water from the Elk River.

2013      The Koch Bothers –  A boycott of their products: less money, less lobbying.

2012       Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund – An IRS investigation of their of their tax-exempt status.

2011        Halliburton (Cheney) –  A big glass of water from a well next to a hydrofracking operation.

2010        Koch Brothers – A petition to the Wizard of Oz for  the grant of a social conscience.

2009       SpaceGuy,  Newsvine Blogger – The movie Wall-E,  representing his view of the future of Earth.