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Beans to Beef: How Diet Affects the Climate and Your Health

This guest article is a PowerPoint presentation given by Jane Byrnes to the March Citizens Climate Education meeting. Jane is a Licensed Dietitian and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. It is a balanced presentation encouraging you to eat more locally grown fruits and vegetables and encouraging you to eat less meat, particularly beef and lamb.

Though you will miss some things without Jane’s guidance, the slides are mostly self-explanatory. You will need a PowerPoint program to view the slides –  you may  download a free viewer here. The slides will display as set in your viewer. Please click on the link below to start the program.

Beef to Beans 3-11-17


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  1. David Moore Says:

    Beef to beans
    In Other Considerations:
    I am guessing Phytates could cause anemia; it is blocked out.
    Bioavalability of some nutrients – which ones?
    In healing bioavailability … blocked out by pic.
    Are two types of cancer CVD and DM2?

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