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Climate Change: Science and Solutions

This is an update of an earlier PowerPoint presentation which reviews the scientific evidence for climate change and recommends a carbon fee and dividend system to address global warming. It was presented to the Oasis Fellowship in Wichita, Kansas. Though you may miss some things without the verbal presentation, the slides are mostly self-explanatory. You will need a PowerPoint program to view the slides –  you may  download a free viewer here. The slides will display as set in your viewer. Please click on the link below to start the program.



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  1. Darrel Hart Says:

    Nice presentation. It makes it easier to grasp the externalaties of fossil fuel and to recognize them. The amount due on your utility bill does not reflect the cost of taking your daughter to the ER with an asthma attack. The price you pay at the pump does not reflect the loss and suffering of your fathers heart attack. A price on carbon, especially a carbon fee and dividend corrects the market failure in pricing fossil fuel.

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