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Please Nominate Your Candidates for the 2017 Environmental Hall of Fame/Shame Awards

Last year, 2017, saw some real heroes and villains with respect to the environment. It is important that we recognize those who most affected the environment, for good or ill, by their words or actions.

Each year, this site Earthrise2takes a poll to find those most deserving to be in the Environmental Hall of Fame or the Environmental Hall of Shame. Please send  your nominations  for  each category by e-mail through the “Contact the Author”   link, send it to moorejc2646@gmail.com, or put it in the comment section. If you would like, please include a short reason that your nominee should be chosen and suggest a suitable gift if they win.

Nominations will be taken until May 15, 2018. The nominees will then be  listed  and this site will conduct a poll to determine the winner in each category.  You may suggest a suitable prize for your nominee. Please be imaginative, as particularly thoughtful or humorous  nominations will  be recognized and published on this site.

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One Response to “Please Nominate Your Candidates for the 2017 Environmental Hall of Fame/Shame Awards” »

  1. Darrel Hart Says:

    For the hall of shame I nominate Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy. for his spectacular fall from “green grace”. As governor of Texas Perry worked to quickly issue permits for transmission lines from West Texas wind farms to the cities along the I35 corridor and to the east. In only a few years Texas jumped from barely on the map as a renewable energy producer to the top spot.
    The shame comes when he took a job in the Trump administration as Secretary of Energy, the first time in modern history the secretary has neither a degree nor rudimentary training in the field he will administer. Worse, he appears to have adopted without remorse the role of promoting dirty forms of energy as his primary responsibility.
    Certainly there are nominees available who did more good than Rick Perry once did, and those who do more harm than Rick Perry now. But I can’t think of many who so eagerly chose to disgrace themselves and seal their legacy as one of the destroyers of our climate,

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