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Can the Wall Street Journal Be Trusted?

Thu ,29/07/2010

This  guest article is a letter by a small businessman sent to the Wall Street Journal:

The Wall Street Journal has published many articles on climate change. Most all claimed the science was unreliable and discredited the scientist, whose emails were stolen. However three investigations have cleared the scientist. I have both a major in Journalism & Business and I am ashamed of the yellow journalism the Wall Street journal has discredited itself with in this area. Is it that  Rupert Murdock’s News Corporation* backs the skeptics; is it his desire for sensationalistic headlines;  or, is it the paper has incompetent or biased writers and editors in the area of climate science?

I fear the one paper I buy almost daily at the newsstand and depend on for business information has lost its credibility. How can I make reasonable business decisions without undistorted facts.  I have been a businessman for 30 years in the oilfield through boom and bust.  How can I depend on the world’s top business paper if it does not investigate and check its facts. Now, the question is “Can I depend on your paper to give me the facts I need for my small oilfield drilling service to survive?”

At this juncture, I wonder if I can count on the Wall Street Journal to make your grievous errors right?  At age 57, I hope so for my children’s and my grandchildren’s  sake. I want them to have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink at a cost of 4/10 of 1 percent of their income  in the future, as I do now.

Guest author: David Moore

*Editors note:  Rupert Murdoch also owns Fox News and the NY Post.